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What is the objective of this scan?

To provide a detailed ultrasound assessment of the endometrial cavity (lining of the womb) and measure its thickness. 

Who is this scan for?

This scan is aimed at clients who are either referred to us from a fertility clinic, GP or have chosen our clinics directly.

These clients are either undergoing or are about to start fertility treatment and have been instructed to have this scan to specifically check the endometrium thickness only by their fertility expert. We would recommend a full pelvic scan however in the first instance, which also includes this endometrial thickness measurement and assessment.

We offer expert care with flexible and convenient appointments suited around you and your life with clinics running during the day, evening and weekends.

Reasons for the scan include

What is included with this scan?

A written ultrasound report of the examination including any measurements within 12 hours after your appointment.

How do I prepare for this scan?

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality service we can which is why we are trusted by GP’s, doctors, physiotherapists, midwifes and many other healthcare professionals. 

Our mission of better-quality healthcare for everyone really sets us apart from the vast majority of other clinics and is the main reason why we are amongst the few diagnostic clinics to not only be approved by but also provide services to the NHS and thus the general public. This also means that unlike many other clinics we have additional strict quality control measures which we must adhere to meaning you are in safe hands with us and our team.

Who will I see?

You will be seen by a healthcare professional who specialises in clinical medical ultrasound. Unlike other diagnostic tests which produce results for analysis, ultrasound imaging is “real- time” therefore the quality of the scan being performed is the basis of the information you take away and heavily depends upon the expertise, experience and skill of the healthcare professional scanning you. This is an important point which is often overlooked by many people when deciding where to go, therefore you can be reassured that at Ultrasound Scan Clinic at St Mary’s Medical Centre you will always be seen by an expert who has vast expertise and experience in the field of medical ultrasound. 

What does the scan involve?

For optimal results and image clarity we will perform a transvaginal scan with consent. For this scan you will be asked to empty your bladder. You will need to take everything lower half off and a sheet will be provided to cover yourself with. You will be laying on your back and a camera will be placed inside your vagina which will be moved around to obtain information. This procedure is usually pain free however occasionally you may experience some discomfort. You will be able to pause or stop this procedure at any time if you feel the need to.   

At the end of the examination a brief explanation of the results will be offered. A formal ultrasound scan report with any recommendations will be sent to you which you can take to your regular healthcare professional.

What is the endometrium

The endometrium is a layer lining the inside of the womb. The endometrium can be divided into two layers, a functional layer and an underlying basal layer. The surface of the functional layer is made of specialised epithelial cells. The endometrium also contains lots of blood vessels, supporting tissues and glands. 

The endometrium is a dynamic structure and its thickness changes depending on the stage of your cycle. Other things including disease and medications can also change the thickness and appearances of the endometrium. 

The endometrium has a few important roles which include providing a place for a fertilised egg to implant and supporting the development of the placenta.

Menstruation occurs when ovulation has not resulted in the implantation of a fertilised egg.

Ultrasound: Background

An ultrasound scan is a painless test that provides images of the inside of the body by using high frequency sound waves. These sound waves are at a frequency which cannot be heard by the human ear but when they bounce off different parts of the body, create echoes that are picked up by the probe and turned into a moving image.

Unlike other scans such as MRI and CT, ultrasound does not involve radiation and is in real time i.e. live imaging and is not static i.e. still pictures. This live information is interpreted and is used as the basis of the subsequent diagnostic report.

There are many kinds of ultrasound scans that can be performed as ultrasound has numerous applications in healthcare and are ultimately beneficial to us if used in the right context by a competent body or person.  However as with any test, ultrasound scans have limitations some of which are generic to all scans such as not being able to visualise bone clearly or scan specific and therefore may not be suitable in certain situations and like any test cannot diagnose every problem.

For further information about ultrasound please click here.

Please note

  • We will require details of your GP / Health Care Professional, which may be requested prior to or at the time of the scan.
  • This scan requires access to the area of interest; therefore, it is recommended to wear loose clothing to facilitate this process.
  • Study images may be available at an additional charge – more information and to request this can be found by clicking here.
  • All our first line ultrasound scans are optional. You must be at least 16 years old and you should have no existing medical condition or treatment pending that relates to the scan you are booking. If you are in any doubt about having any type of scan, you should consult your GP.

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