Presentation Scan

Ultrasound Scan

When can I have this?

From 35 Weeks onwards

What's included?

You’re so close to finally meeting your new baby (or babies) and it’s officially time to get excited! However, in these latter stages of your pregnancy, you may still want reassurance that your child is doing well and is prepared for their arrival into the world. 

At the presentation scan, our expert staff will assess the position of your baby, and also the location of the placenta, to check that everything is primed and ready for the birth. When checking the placenta, we’ll also give you professional advice as to whether or not its position may affect your birth plan.

You’ll also have the reassurance of seeing your baby again, and you’ll be given two images to take home with you.

What is the primary purpose of the presentation scan?

This scan will assess the position of baby, amniotic fluid & placenta position by using ultrasound.  

How do I Prepare for this Test?

There is no specific preparation for this scan. 

How to find us

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Please note

  • Please bring your pregnancy book with previous scan results to your appointment as we will not be able to scan you without them.
  • All scans are performed to accomplish the main objective only.
  • Twin / multiple pregnancies incur an additional charge of £50 per pregnancy.
  • Twin / multiple pregnancies incur an additional charge of £50 per pregnancy.
  • As baby is much larger at this late gestation, it may be very difficult or impossible to obtain clear pictures
  • We may require details of your GP / Health Care Professional which will be requested from you before or at the time of your scan.
  • Our pregnancy scans do not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS / maternity care provider.

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