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Follicular Tracking Scan or Follicular Study is the simplest form of assisted conception. There is no stimulation of the ovaries with any drugs or medicines and it is the most natural form of assisted conception. The pregnancy rate for this type of assisted conception is around 10%. 

The ultrasound scan allows us to see what is happening inside your ovaries. We will monitor the size of the follicles and can check that your eggs are maturing properly. This can help provide information about when you may ovulate.

Reasons for having follicle tracking scans

When is the scan done?

The scans should be timed according to your menstrual cycle as this will determine when you are most likely to ovulate. The number of scans will vary from person to person. 

Tip – It may be useful to have our fertility scan prior to follicle tracking scans which is usually performed by the 5th day of your menstrual cycle. 

What is the objective of this scan?

The purpose of the scan is to determine the size and growth of the follicles and measure the endometrium which can help to determine if you are ovulating and producing eggs. The scans will reveal the growth of the follicles in your ovaries, which are small fluid filled sacs that should contain an egg. During the scan we will be able to visualise the individual follicles in your ovaries so they can be measured and tracked to ensure they are developing as expected.

The scans ultimately give information which could help determine the time when you will be most fertile.

Your scan should last for approx. 20mins however please allow additional time for your appointment.

What is included with this scan?

A written ultrasound report of the examination including any measurements within 24 hours after your appointment.

What preparation is required?

There is no specific preparation for this scan, however you will be asked to empty your bladder prior to the scan. 

If you’re undergoing fertility treatment you may need to take medication to stimulate ovulation. Your fertility doctor can advise you about this. 

Please note

  • We will require details of your GP / Health Care Professional, which may be requested prior to or at the time of the scan.
  • This scan requires access to the area of interest; therefore, it is recommended to wear loose clothing to facilitate this process.
  • Study images may be available at an additional charge – more information and to request this can be found by clicking here.
  • All our first line ultrasound scans are optional. You must be at least 16 years old and you should have no existing medical condition or treatment pending that relates to the scan you are booking. If you are in any doubt about having any type of scan, you should consult your GP.

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