Growth & Gender

Ultrasound Scan

When can I have this?

Between 16 to 36 weeks

What's included?

Being pregnant is an exhilarating experience, but of course, it’s likely that you’ll sometimes feel worried about the health of your baby. It’s very natural to feel this way; after all, this is a really special time for you, and you’re keen to welcome your healthy child into the world.

If you’d like additional peace of mind and to check up on the progression of your baby, a growth scan can provide it. We’ll measure the fetus, giving you a professional estimation of weight, and we’ll check levels of fluid in the womb and location of the placenta. You’ll also receive a growth chart, outlining approximately what percentile your child will be on. At your growth scan, we can even give you our professional opinion of the gender of your baby… if you’d like to know! We can also upon request provide a 4D QuickPeek Preview (if possible).

What is the primary purpose of the growth scan?

  1. Measure baby’s head, abdomen & femur to assess growth against the expected gestational age.
  2. Provide weight estimation
  3. Provide complimentary gender assessment (if required)
  4. Determine baby’s position
  5. Assess placental position
  6. Assess amniotic fluid

NB. This is not a screening test for abnormalitieshd-scan-icon.png.

How accurate is Ultrasound Scan Clinic at St Mary's Medical Centre private gender check with this scan?

In short, very accurate! This is the same gender check we perform in our very popular genderfirst scan.

We have built up an enviable reputation with our gender scan as we can provide a confident and assured assessment of baby’s gender. Our qualified experts have years of experience specifically performing gender assessment and have scanned thousands of babies, building up a very robust and reliable reputation. We are very confident with our gender assessment and although a scan alone can never be 100% accurate, we pride ourselves on being right. Furthermore by using our own special Surescan™ Gender Protocol, developed exclusively in house by our Consultant practitioner, almost always are!

At 16 weeks the structures inside your baby are very small. Reproductive structures are even smaller, typically only a few millimetres in size. As the pregnancy progresses these tiny structures grow and become larger making it easier to identify baby’s gender.
As these structures are still very small an accurate gender assessment from 16 weeks requires a good eye for detail, anatomical knowledge and lots of experience. Our team all have a great deal of skill, knowledge and experience with interpreting these scans and can therefore provide you with a confidently assured assessment. Furthermore, we use our own special gender check protocol, developed by our gender expert, consultant practitioner Mr Usman, which allows for even more assurance. 

How do I Prepare for this Test?

How to find us

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Please note

  • Please bring your pregnancy book with previous scan results to your appointment as we will not be able to scan you without them.
  • All scans are performed to accomplish the main objective only.
  • This scan is not a screening test for fetal abnormalities.
  • Twin / multiple pregnancies incur an additional charge of £30.
  • Any information regarding the sex of the baby is not guaranteed & ultrasound alone is not 100% accurate as some babies can be ambiguous. Gender assessment is included as a free option and your practitioner will only provide you with information about the gender if they feel confident to do so from the ultrasound scan. Ultrasound Scan Clinic at St Mary’s Medical Centre or its staff can not be in any way held responsible upon the reliance of such information.
  • 4DQuickPeek is non-diagnostic, optional and only provided upon request where a quick preview (typically 10-15 seconds) of your baby is provided in 4D from the available views of your baby at the time of the scan. Please note that 4D Peek is a free add on and is not the main objective of the scan. Views are restricted after 32 weeks gestation.
  • We may require details of your GP / Health Care Professional which will be requested from you before or at the time of your scan.
  • Our pregnancy scans do not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS / maternity care provider.

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